How should I take care of my eyes?

Many sisters show two mindsets about eye care, one does not care about eye skin at all, feeling that daily skin care is just a little over, while the other is extremely concerned about eye skin, can not afford to apply a variety of eye cream around the eyes, both of which are actually wrong. The Princess family would like to remind everyone that the skin of the eyes is very sensitive and must be carried out in a scientific way to properly carry out the medical care of the eye skin, so that you can get reasonable results. In the daily medical care, people should be careful to take care of the skin around the eyes to protect their eyes and prevent the skin around the eyes from becoming brittle.

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What are the common problems in eye skin care?

1, as far as possible not to draw the inner eyeliner

Many women’s make-up situation love to draw the inner eyeliner, inner eyeliner not only can have the visual impact of making the eyes bigger, in addition to make the eyes more agile, suffered many women’s pro-gaze. The inner eyeliner is a kind of eye makeup painted on the mucous membrane in the root of the eyelashes, the distance between the gaze is very close, once the inner eyeliner produces halo, it is likely to enter the eye, very easy to cause corneal damage, but also very easy to bring germs, resulting in eye sense g. Therefore, it is proposed that as far as possible do not have to draw the inner eyeliner, if you must draw must not have to use the same eyeliner pencil with others, and afterwards to remove makeup with care.

2, eye skin care products to pay attention to the shelf life

Eye products including eyeliner, eye shadow, eye cream, etc. must pay attention to its shelf life, when the goods expire do not due to thrifty re-application, because the eye skin is very sensitive, the application of expired eye goods is likely to cause eye infection, eye red and other conditions.

3, according to the eye skin requirements to select eye cream

The actual eye cream for the eye skin care is very effective, if the eye skin is relatively healthy, pick the basic moisturizing and hydrating eye cream can be. If you want to improve the dark circles under the eyes, puffiness and wrinkles, you must purposefully select a multifunctional eye cream. It is important to note that eye creams are not applied as much as possible, but must be properly rubbed around the eyes to prevent pressure on the eye skin.

4, try to avoid using eye drops, eye wash

If the eye levels are all normal, there is no need to apply some eye drops and eye wash. This is because such goods are all with additives, which is obviously not beneficial to both eyes. It is recommended that the people in the eye occurs when the problem, can find a doctor to consult the selection of suitable eye drops, after the disease is alleviated, to terminate the medication on the line, do not long-term application of eye drops and eye wash.

The skin of the eye is one of the very thin parts of the body, so its water evaporation is rapid, if you can not take care of the eye skin, the skin here is especially very easy to dry manic, and when the skin is dry, wrinkles wrinkles are very easy to occur, so the princess home prompted all sisters must care for the eye skin, above these aspects to take a good look.

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