Which are the wi-fi communication modules? What is the main difference amongst them?

With all the speedy improvement of IOT engineering, IOT terminal tools is additionally widely used in a variety of eventualities, distinct application scenarios have diverse industry demand, now there are various wireless interaction modules available, ensuing in lots of users cannot appropriately distinguish amongst several sorts of wi-fi modules, right now I’d choose to clarify various common forms of wireless conversation modules, now they make use of the technological know-how as well as big difference.

iot camera module

1. Bluetooth

Bluetooth is actually a wi-fi communication module. It can be a wi-fi technologies common that permits short-range knowledge trade involving fastened terminal devices, cell terminal units and personal neighborhood place networks. It utilizes two.4~2.485GHZ UHF radio wave ISM inside the frequency band.

Bluetooth wi-fi technological innovation has superior complexity, rapidly equipment networking, only ten seconds; superior integration and dependability; transmission amount is normally 1Mbps; affordable and comparatively easy installation. It truly is a form of proximity wi-fi interaction technologies.


Wi-Fi wi-fi technologies has unfold to all areas of our life, and it’s the most typical wireless conversation technologies we arrive into get hold of with every single day, bringing great comfort to our lives. It’s a wireless LAN engineering produced based mostly on IEEE802.11 conventional. This technological innovation converts all wired community signals into radio wave alerts, and various terminal equipment connect with wifi by wi-fi interaction modules to obtain wi-fi network communication.

Wi-Fi technology coverage vary is generally within just one hundred meters, know-how is more intricate, transmission fee up to 54Mbps, running band two.4GHz, transmission electric power lower than 100mW, and relatively inadequate facts safety effectiveness when compared to Bluetooth wireless communication. Nevertheless, the invention of WiFi is rather significantly in step with the demands of recent people and society, and the development prospective buyers are quite broad.


ZigBee wi-fi interaction technological know-how is really a low-power local location community protocol based on IEEE802.15.4 conventional. It absolutely was formally set up in August 2001. With the commencing of its institution, there have been certain errors due for the hasty release of this edition, and enhancements are made given that then.

ZigBee wi-fi communication know-how is similar to Bluetooth wireless conversation know-how. Equally are short-range wireless interaction systems, but Bluetooth wireless conversation engineering has the down sides of significant ability usage, superior complexity, shorter interaction length, etcetera., and its software is restricted and extensively utilized in the house and personal assortment. zigBee engineering is made to satisfy the desires of industrial automation, with easy layout, anti-interference, trusted transmission, easy to use, cheap, and so forth. The conversation distance is prolonged to 10 meters. From the opening length to numerous hundred meters, it could get to about fifty meters in indoor scenes.

four.Digital transmission radio

Digital transmission radio is usually a high-performance skilled details radio understood by using DSP digital sign processing technological know-how and software wireless level technological innovation. Electronic radio is often recognized as being a interaction medium. Like optical fiber and microwave, it’s got certain uses. The digital radio contains a extensive transmission length and is particularly ideal for numerous advanced environments. The transmission fee is nineteen.2Kbps, however the terminal tools is a lot more expensive, far more high priced to implement plus more complex to put in.

Varieties and distinctions of wireless interaction modules

In keeping with various classification specifications, we can also divide the widespread wireless modules inside the market into three categories

one. Ask tremendous outlier modules, which can be primarily utilized for very simple remote control and knowledge transmission.

2. wi-fi transceiver modules, which happen to be mostly accustomed to deliver and acquire information wirelessly via microcontroller regulate, commonly using FSK and GFSK modulation.

3. Wireless details transmission module, primarily utilized to mail and get knowledge directly by way of serial port, user friendly. If divided through the operating frequency, there are ordinarily 230MHz, 315MHz, 433MHz, two.4GHz, etc. while in the market place. Like helium k, smart residence also uses wifi module to manage household appliances.

From the IoT application state of affairs, large particles have been shaped during the market place (yearly desire is above 10 million), primarily during the fields of clever meters, cell payment, intelligent vehicles, clever grid, etc. The expansion in these parts has triggered important advancement inside the wireless conversation module industry.

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